• Chocolate Passions Trail

    Exclusive moments for chocolate lovers to experience exquisite taste of organic chocolate and farm gate activities of its production and service value chain
  • Native and Indigenous Culture Exploits

    Flamboyant traditional dance of the Ashanti Kingdom performed with intricate moves and intriguing gestures worth indulging
  • Adventure, Wildlife and Nature Footsteps

    Magical co-existence at unique communities where mona monkeys, residents and tourists enjoy excellent peaceful cohabitation
  • Sun, Sea, Sand, Swim, Surf and Sports Deep Dive

    Pristine tucked-away coastlines, lake and river fronts for uniquely impact oriented, deeply satisfying and fun filled beach, sunbathing, meditation, stress relieving, nerves calming and rejuvenating vacation in Ghana where beach meet beats
  • History Panorama

    Spiritual riverside where African Slaves en-route to long domestic and industrial servitude in the New Found World (America) and elsewhere had their last bath and touch of African waters
  • Precious Minerals Observatory

    Once-in-a-lifetime invitation to satisfy your curiosity as to why Ghana was once named Gold Coast with a visit to this beautiful land where Gold & other precious minerals can be found even at the least expected places
  • Country Side: Ultimate Escapes

    Pleasurable footsteps in the sky and on top of trees at the world’s longest rain forest canopy walkway
  • Adventure, Wildlife and Nature Footsteps

    Explore diverse majestic & amazing wildlife species within several national wildlife and natural resources conservation parks
  • Native and Indigenous Culture Exploits

    Explore, experience and get hands-on with incredible indigenous lifestyles of communication and entertainment offered through majestic drum beats
  • Sun, Sea, Sand, Swim, Surf and Sports Deep Dive

    Captivating canoe excursions that takes world heritage followers and enthusiasts to the quintessential village on stilt and other stash away pristine wetlands, fresh water lagoons and tropical swamp forest sites
  • History Panorama

    At the center of Ghana's capital city, Accra in memory of Dr Kwame Nkrumah (the African personality of the millennium) Ghana's first president
  • Adventure, Wildlife and Nature Footsteps

    Astounding experience of Ghana’s internationally acclaimed extreme friendship, courtesy and hospitality even from the wild
  • Sun, Sea, Sand, Swim, Surf and Sports Deep Dive

    Astonishing cruise to the mystical Dodi Island brings you up close and personal with the wonders of/and across Lake Volta (world's largest man made Lake by surface area)
  • Adventure, Wildlife and Nature Footsteps

    Upon arrival in Ghana, the first sound you will hear is laughter which makes you feel very welcomed, if you loved it, another opportunity await you to experience colorful and diverse bird species chirping fascinating sounds whilst bird-watching in several tropical rain forests

Ghana Travel Information

Visa/Entry Requirements

All non-Ghanaian nationals are required to have a passport valid for at least six (6) months and visa to enter and remain in Ghana on conditions stated in their visas or approved by the Immigration authorities at the point of entry. However, citizens of a member state of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) are entitled to enter and remain in Ghana without a visa for a period not exceeding ninety (90) days. Visa applicants must submit the following documents together with a valid passport:

  • Filled visa application form with two (2) copies
  • Two (2) passport size photos taken not more than three (3) months prior to submitting the application
  • Return air ticket
  • Applicants under eighteen (18) years must submit a photocopy of original birth certificate, letter of consent from parent and a copy of parent`s photo ID

Visa Fees

  • Single Entry Visa (must be used within 3 months from date of issue) $60.00
  • Multiple Entry Visa $100.00 (Multiple Visa Expedited $200.00)
  • Single Expedited $100.00

Ghana entry visas can be applied for and obtained at any competent and approved Ghanaian Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates abroad.


Currently, Ghana has one international airport in the capital city, Accra (Kotoka International Airport) which can be accessible from/to all major airports around the world. Ghana share common land borders with Togo to the east, Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) to the west, Burkina Faso to the north and the Gulf of Guinea to the south. There are other many approved entry and exit points spread across these borders that can be accessed easily.

International airlines operating in Ghana  

  • Egypt Air
  • Delta Airlines
  • Iberia Airlines
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Brussels Airlines
  • Kenyan Airways 
  • Emirates Airlines
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Royal Air Morocco
  • Middle East Airlines 
  • British Airways (BA)
  • South African Airways (SA)
  • Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM)

Climate and Best Seasons 

Ghana’s climatic condition is very tropical. It is almost hot and humid conditions all year round. Apart from the northern sector of Ghana, there are two rainy season patterns in a year, which are experienced between April to June and September to November. On the average, temperatures in Ghana hover around 21–32 Celsius (69.8 – 89.6 Fahrenheit). Probably, the best time to schedule a visit to Ghana is December to April. This will help to avoid the rainy season. 

Essentially, this is the hottest period of the year and ideal for tourism Sun, Sea and Sun (3S). Significantly same period can be quite uncomfortable in the northern parts of Ghana due to the added value of the Saharan sand and/or dust blowing in the atmosphere.  Usually, there is a slowdown in the rains between July and August which provides a perfect opportunity to visit if you intend to stay in the south. Ideally, festival enthusiast must schedule their visit in August and September. These are very perfect months to visit Ghana because many towns/communities celebrate their first harvests during these months.


In accordance with health/sanitary standards and regulations, all persons entering Ghana are requested to have a valid certificate of immunization against yellow fever. Ghana is a tropical country and a poor country so you'll need to pack a good basic medical kit for yourself when you go. Other highly recommended immunizations/vaccinations for travel to Ghana include but not limited to those highlighted below:

  • Malaria 
  • Hepatitis A
  • Meningococcal meningitis
  • Rabies
  • Typhoid
  • Diphtheria 

Particularly, there's a risk of contracting malaria pretty much easily everywhere you travel in Ghana. The country is home to the chloroquine-resistant strain of malaria as well as several others. Make sure your doctor or travel clinic knows you are traveling to Ghana (don't just say Africa) so s/he can prescribe the right anti-malarial medication. Tips on how to avoid malaria will also help. For more details on Malaria in Ghana, world health organization (WHO) website.


Generally, the people of Ghana are extremely friendly, hospitable and courteous. This Ghanaian attitude can humble even the most adamant and demanding visitor. Ghana has also gained an impeccable recognition and reputation as one of Africa's most peaceful and stable countries socially and politically. Visitors should therefore expect to be able to travel comfortably and safely to all areas. Ghana is generally acclaimed to be the best country in West Africa to visit for single female travelers. 

However, there is high level of poverty and visitors may encounter sizable degree of street traders, souvenir hawkers and beggars. This notwithstanding, as of basic personal security and safety principle, visitors must exercise a little degree of caution by observing basic security and safety procedures to stay out of threat or danger. 

The capital city, Accra, is indeed one of West Africa's safest big cities but you do need to be aware of pickpockets and petty thieves especially around crowded areas such as sports stadiums, shopping malls, beaches, bus stops and markets places. It is also absolutely not advisable to walk alone at dark places, street corners and on the beach during the night.

Emergency Numbers: 

Police 191 

Ambulance 193 

Fire 192 

General 999


The Ghanaian Cedi (GHS) is the medium of exchange in Ghana. The Cedi is broken down into 100 pesewas. Visit this currency converter website (www.xe.com) to check out the Cedi equivalent of any other currencies. Major currencies that can be easily exchanged in Ghana are: 

  • Euro 
  • British pound
  • Canadian Dollar
  • United States Dollar 

These will get you the best exchange rate at banks and forex bureaus. 

ATM machines are available in major cities but may not always work and only accept Visa or Master card. Visitors intending to bring travelers cheques, have to exchange them in the main cities as smaller towns may not exchange them. It is advisable not to change so much money at a go unless you are prepared to carry large quantity of Cedi on you which can pose a threat.

Banking hours are 8.30am - 3.00pm, Monday - Friday.

Tipping is widely acceptable and legal in Ghana. The street word for tip in local parlance is dash.

In Country Travel


Ghana has limited domestic flights which are often over booked, late or cancelled. Domestic airlines include Antrak Air, Starbow Airlines, Africa World Airlines and few others. These airlines has connect flights to few regional capitals (Sekondi-Takoradi, Kumasi, Tamale) from Accra.


Traveling by bus in Ghana is generally the most comfortable and quickest way to get around. State Transport Corporation (STC) is the main national bus company in Ghana and its routes include all regional capitals (Accra, Sekondi-Takoradi, Cape Coast, Kumasi, Koforidua, Ho, Sunyani, Tamale, Bolgatanga, Wa) and other major cities/towns and others. You can also catch privately owned express, air-conditioned buses in between these main towns and Accra as well. 

Though not necessary but you may book your ticket at least a day in advance along major routes and expect to pay extra charges for your luggage. 

Other bus companies operating in Ghana include OA Transport, VIP Transport and GPRTU.


Tro-tros are minibuses or converted pick-up trucks that ply every route within Ghana. Tro-tros particularly comes in handy on routes that the main bus companies do not service. While the ride can be bumpy and the vehicles may have a break down along the journey, tro-tros are cheap and offer you a chance to get close to your fellow Ghanaian travelers. Tro-tros have no schedules and generally leave when very full.


Passenger trains used to run between Accra and Kumasi and Kumasi and Takoradi but they have been suspended recently.

Car Rentals

Major car rental companies operating in Ghana include but not limited to; Kra Courtesy Shuttle, Avis, Hertz and Europcar. The main roads in Ghana are decent but the police checkpoints are numerous and usually require a cash handout (dash) to proceed, which can be annoying. In Ghana, you drive on the right-hand side.


Lake Volta is the largest man-made lake in Africa and a beautiful one at that. A passenger boat, the Yapei Queen runs the entire length of the lake between Akosombo in the South to Yeji in the North. The trip takes about 24 hours one way and departs from Akosombo every Monday. You can book your voyage through the Volta Lake Transport Company. You'll be sharing the boat with some livestock and lots of vegetables. There are other smaller ferry services on Lake Volta that will take you further north and east. You can arrange transportation in Tamale.


Any information given by KRA INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS LTD. (Krinsol Ecotours) relating to flights, visas, healthcare, vaccinations, climate, clothing, equipment, weather conditions and other relevant travel information are given in absolute good faith and based on information available to us at the time of compiling this brief, but without any legal responsibilities. 

It is advisable and absolutely the responsibility of a customer to check for specific information, rules and regulations concerning her or his travel to Ghana. Probably the best sources for relevant and or official information on Visas and others are Ghana Immigration Service www.ghanaimmigration.org/visa_info.htm, Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts www.motcca.gov.gh, Ghana Tourism Authority www.ghana.travel, Ghana Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates in customers’ home countries.

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